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Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s been awhile since I last posted a travel guide from my Europe trip but I can remember just like it was yesterday. That freeing feeling, being able to wander wherever my heart took me and connect with everyone who passed by. After being home for several months and buried in work, I cannot help but miss my trip to Europe and my experiences in Amsterdam. Marked as my final stop on my 6 week journey abroad, I held on tight to those last 7 days soaking up every moment I could to make them a memory…

During that time traveling from the fast paced lifestyle of London to the laid-back ways of Amsterdam, was a complete breath of fresh air. The city, although bustling with tourists, had a beautiful calm to it that stretched long throughout the days. With Alice by my side we were free to do whatever our hearts desired. Roaming the streets to take in all the cafe’s, beautiful canals and historical buildings. In those moments I couldn’t help but realize how lucky I felt to travel 7,691 km across the world for the universe to introduce me to my new life-long friends.

I found this city completely charming and easy to fall for. Throwing everything I heard about Amsterdam out the window, I was determined to experience my own opinion of the city and all its quirks. On our first day we arrived, my friend Bryanna had connected us with Andy (an Amsterdam local and new friend) who toured Alice and I throughout the streets of the infamous red-light district. Showing us every hidden spot, not known to tourists along with some local “Cafe’s” I found this experience very fascinating. Here was a city rich in history and functioning perfectly for years on things that at home were illegal. Regardless of your beliefs, this is definitely a must-see to appreciate the full culture of Amsterdam.

Eager to see more of the artistic side Amsterdam had to offer, we hitched a ride on the tram to tour The Van Gogh Museum, where then to my excitement we came across The Bansky & Dali Museum as well! Where I probably spent a good amount of my weekly budget in their gift shop. With Alice only with me for a couple of days, we crammed as much as we could while still attempting to live like the locals. For our first five days we stayed with Sandor and his lovely daughter Sierra (our Couchsurfing hosts), who made our stay worth every minute. Sharing all their stories of travel and hosting experiences over home cooked meals, late nights, and city tours, we couldn’t of made ourselves at home more quickly. This made it extremely heartbreaking when it was time for us to leave but I look forward to the day I will get to return the favour and host them! As we packed up our suitcases and said our goodbyes to our kind hosts, we caught a short ride to CitizenM: Amsterdam. Celebrating Alice’s last night in the city, featuring a ride on the canals before she flew back to London the next morning. With reality setting in that our travels were soon coming to an end, we reminisced over our trip and made a pact to stay in touch and be forever friends no matter the distance.

The next morning Alice left and I once again found myself alone in a city that I barely knew. Every time this would happen I would get that small nervous feeling in my tummy where this shy inner child would come out, completely terrified of what would happen next. Although, this feeling usually scared me to death.. I knew outside of my comfort zone something amazing was about to happen and thats when I met Max. I now laugh every time when I find myself questioning the universe, thinking back to the beautiful people I was fortunate enough to meet.

I remember calling Alice that night and her thinking I was crazy…But hey, what is Europe without a little bit of romance?! Ignoring everything I had ever learned about “stranger danger” and deciding to live completely in the moment. I hopped on the back of Max’s scooter to ride through the streets of Amsterdam, ending my trip abroad in the most European way.

Thinking back to that moment, I recap how grateful I was for not only my entire trip, but the friends I had made along the way. One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone, travelling or not.. is to remain fearless, take risks, take your time and laugh, and always be completely open to the people you meet, getting to know them and their story. Because you never know what can happen, when you let the universe surprise you.

Below you will find a complete list of what to see and do in Amsterdam based on my experience! Already been there? I would love to hear any of your thoughts or comments at the end! Read more below...


What to See & Do

So I like to keep these travel guides short & sweet considering every time I look one up I feel like I have to scroll forever until they get to the point. All my travel guides that you find will be a short and sweet guide to my own personal experience and favourite things I did travelling. I hope you will love them as much as I do!


Red Light District

Anne Frank's House (Book in advance)

A "coffee shop"

I Amsterdam Sign (In the morning at 7:30am to beat crowds)

The Tulip Festival

Banksy/Dali Museum

Van Gogh Museum

The Lookout (The Swings)

Love Bridge

Red Light Museum

The Windmills

Canal Ride (I did the Lovers candle lit one..it was so romantic and lovely however I do not recommend if you're single, there are others to choose from.)


Mook Pancakes

What can I say... Its been four months and I still think about this place. Mook Pancakes is an instagrammers heaven, with visually appealing food and the minimalist decor I felt like I was transported to LA, Vancouver and Amsterdam all at once.
The Pancakes truly are as amazing as they look, when you're in Amsterdam this is a must for breakfast!

Eastwood Beer & Grill

Located at the entrance of the Hilton, The Eastwood Beer & Grill has great outdoor seating by the water. Wandering the streets of Amsterdam, I was able to catch The Eastwood's happy hour as well, not only was the food really good the prices were perfect for young travellers. This location was perfect, staring right across at Amsterdam Central Station its impossible not to people watch, indulge in good food and meet someone new!



Citizen M: Amsterdam

During my travels in Amsterdam, I stayed one night at the Netherland-Designed Citizen M: Amsterdam Hotel.
Read my post all about my stay here!


This is a platform built around the power of community and connecting with other like-minded travellers around the world.  I have to admit that my experience Couchsurfing in Amsterdam has left me with hope in humanity. The way they opened their home with pure kindness was more than we could ask for and I cannot wait to one day return the favour and host them.

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

This Hostel was a great way to finish my Euro trip abroad, as a budget friendly and female only hostel I felt completely comfortable for my overnight stay. The Hostel was extremely clean and had a wonderful communal kitchen & living space that included board games, books, and movies. The only downside about Hostelle I would have to say is they do not have an elevator, so for the light-packers this place is right up your alley.



Sky Lounge

This award winning rooftop lounge bar, overlooking bustling Amsterdam is the perfect way to catch the sunset. Located on the rooftop of the Hilton, Alice and I made it just in time for happy hour and a sunset that will change your life. With pricing on the mid-high end, Sky Lounge is one of those treat yourself night outs. Here you're truly paying for the panoramic view of Europe's most energetic capital. Perfect at any time of day & for a bite to eat as well.







Air Nightclub

A huge club playing cutting-edge electronic music to a multi-tiered dance floor, with 5 funky bars.

Chicago Social Club

Intimate, 2-storey club for house, hip-hop & techno nights, plus a cool cocktail bar.





Listen to my Europe Travel Playlist Here

A collection of songs that made my unforgettable moments that much sweeter. For The explorers, adventurers and dreamers. Those open to connection and the people around them. For those who truly crave an experience and live their lives in search for so much more..