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Grand Cayman Travel Guide




THE Cayman Islands

Infamous for the retired or the 1% laundering their oodles of money with offshore bank accounts (according to all the movies i’ve watched)... The Cayman Islands are home to paradise! Although, I sadly fall into neither of these categories, I was painfully sick of the depressing weather Vancouver had to offer me… so I made it my goal to jump on the next flight out and visit the beautiful island of Grand Cayman.

I was in complete awe upon arrival, as it was exactly the tropical oasis that I needed. With the beautiful clear blue ocean and white sand beaches, I vowed the moment I stepped off the plane that this trip would be solely for me. For the peace of mind I was so badly craving… and the tan (which was actually a sunburn) that I so desperately needed. Surrounded by the small island vibes mixed with the booming American tourists, I made it my goal every morning to experience all the outdoor beauty and activities this island had to offer.

So that being said... Below you will find a complete list of what to see and do in The Cayman Islands based on my experience! Already been there? I would love to hear any of your thoughts or recommendations at the end! Read more below...


What to See & Do

So I like to keep these travel guides short & sweet considering every time I look one up I feel like I have to scroll forever until they get to the point. All my travel guides that you find will be a short and sweet guide to my own personal experience and favourite things I did travelling. I hope you will love them as much as I do!

  1. Walk 7 Mile Beach
  2. Snorkel at Spots Beach
  3. Visit Rum Point
  4. Sting Ray City & Snorkelling (with Moby Dick Tours) The Island myth is if you kiss a sting ray you get 7 years good luck... boy you can bet I puckered up!
  5. Visit George Town
  6. Shopping at Caymana Bay
  7. Take a Bioluminescence Tour
  8. The Taste of Cayman Festival (Seasonal)
  9. Try some Water Sport Activities (with Red Sail)
  10. Visit the Turtle Farm
  11. Try Scuba Diving
  12. Relax & Watch the sunset, you're on island time now.




The Wharf (Dinner & Drinks)

I stumbled upon The Wharf Restaurant & Bar one day when I was heading to the beach to read and watch the sunset. As I tried to get through my novel, I kept getting distracted by what was going on in the water beside The Wharf's oceanside bar. To my curiosity, I found out The Wharf allows their patron's to feed the Tarpon fish, which was a fun experience to be apart of! This bar also has one of the best sunset view points and their cappuccino's were my favourite!

Anchor & Den (Brunch)

Located inside the Mariott, I recommend attending Anchor & Den on an empty stomach for their Sunday All you can eat brunch. Although the price was on the higher side, I found it worth every penny as the dish options were infinite.

Vivo (Brunch)

A great vegetarian & vegan restaurant beside a dive shop offering a stunning view of the ocean. 


Luca Restaurant (Dinner)

Located inside the Caribbean Club, Luca restaurant provides contemporary Italian, an extensive wine list, and gorgeous views of the infinity pool overlooking 7 mile beach.



Agua (Dinner)

A seafood restaurant rooted in Italian tradition and inspired by Peruvian cuisine. This was the first restaurant I ate at during my time in Grand Cayman and it definitely set the bar high.

Veranda (Lunch)

Also located inside the Marriott on their patio facing the ocean.
I  loved the design and decor of this spot as it gave off a beachy bohemian vibe.

Macabuca Tiki Bar (Lunch & Dinner)

Located in West Bay, on the northwest point of the island, Macabuca provides a laid back atmosphere  and oceanfront tiki bar. Make sure you try the Conch as it was my favourite thing to eat on the island!




Royal Palms Beach Club

Located right on the famous Seven Mile Beach, Royal Palms Beach Club welcomes tourists and locals alike. This beach bar offers a lively, fun environment with DJs around the pool, private cabanas and bottle service available during the day or night.

The Backroom (Cigar Bar)

A cigar bar offering killer cocktails.



The Caribbean Club Grand Cayman

During my travels in Grand Cayman, I had the pleasure of staying at The Caribbean Club. A breathtaking oceanfront boutique hotel, nestled into the world-famous 7 mile beach. 
Read my post all about my stay here!



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