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London, England

When I first arrived in London, it was instantly love at first sight. Don't get me wrong, there were pieces from every city I travelled to that I will forever hold dear to my heart. The thing is..The whole trip abroad I was wanting to fall in love with the people and places that I had travelled to so badly, that it made it seem realistically impossible for me to actually do so.. (Like when you try to force that awkward relationship with that person your not actually into..Sorry!) That is until my newly-nomadic found self arrived at Gatwick Airport. Dragging my overpacked and unnecessary suitcase through the impatiently busy crowds and onto the first train headed to Downtown London. There I found myself able to mentally exhale… Like I had finally reached the peak of an strenuous hike… My preference might be different than yours.. but there is something about the corporate hustle and bustle, that gets me every time.. and yes! London offered me every bit of it. I felt very comfortable in this city.. tall buildings, men in suits, dreary grey skies...

I found myself thinking I had teleported back to Vancouver! That is, until the infamous British accent’s brought me back to reality, realizing I was still travelling abroad experiencing something new and exciting. Exhausted from my travels and touring around prior, I found myself just wanting to relax in London and enjoy the company of new and old friends. So after a memorable week in “The Big Smoke” I have created a list of exactly what I did and what I would recommend for the modern-day traveller seeking their very own local feel. If you are a London Local or planning a trip to visit soon, I would love to hear any thoughts or comments at the end! I also want to say thank you to everyone I met in London who contributed to my overall experience. You all truly played a strong role in my love for this city. Read more below ...


What to See & Do

So I like to keep these travel guides short & sweet considering every time I look one up I feel like I have to scroll forever until they get to the point. All my travel guides that you find will be a short and sweet guide to my own personal experience and favourite things I did travelling. I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Tower of London Bridge

Big Ben

London Eye

St. Pauls

Borough Market

The Flower Market

Buckingham Palace

The Globe Theatre

Dominoes Phone Booths

Walk along the River

The Shard (amazing views)

Museums (free in London)

Random Pillow Fight in The Park (always check local Facebook groups there is always something fun and random happening!)


Breakfast Club

When I asked all my friends for a great brunch spot, everyone responded Breakfast Club! Its the perfect little spot to have a hardy brunch and I recommend going early as there is always a line. Vegetarian Friendly!

Jamie's Italian

This is a generic tourist type of restaurant but my love for Jamie Oliver is mad real. Food and pricing is actually good especially if you go for their lunch menu.

Maxwell's Bar & Grill

I cannot speak for the rest of the menu but we went purely for the Freakshakes (Freakishly Big Milkshakes!) This is definitely worth the Instagram photo but not advised for the lactose intolerant foodies out there. Also side note there usually isn't a line here if your not in the mood for waiting at Jenny Bakes.

Som Saa

A former fabric warehouse, serving old-style Thai cuisine & intriguing drinks. This spot was by far my favourite, everything the kitchen brought out was exceptional. More of a Tapas style, so try as much as you can with a friend. I highly recommend the nahm dtok pla thort!

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Citizen M: Tower of London

My first night, I stayed at the modernly chic Citizen M: Tower of London Hotel.
This hotel, along with their staff was beyond amazing and offered everything that any travelling entrepreneur could dream of.
Read my post all about my stay here!

Alice's House (Aka a friends house)

I don't know if this one will actually work out for you since Alice is weird about strangers but all means please try and ask her!!


The Shard

A 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark with the most breathtaking views of London Bridge and all along the river.
They offer a wonderful high-tea and wide selection of refreshing cocktails.
Perfect for at any time of day.

Sky Garden

155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden offers views across the capital and far beyond with a great cocktail menu.
(Book ahead of time) Perfect for at any time of day.

John Salt

Bar-restaurant with weekend DJs, serving a Modern European menu and Sunday roasts. 
Good sharing plates & strong drinks.

The Pickle Factory (Live Music)

 An intimate space for any music lover. 
I went to an amazing Jazz show when I was in London here and I couldn't of had a better night!



A Chic club with stylish minimalist interior.
House Music.

Toy Room

An intimate club with a stylish lounge area.
Hip hop and R&B Music.

The Box Soho (If you dare!!)

By far one for the books! known as an explicit Cabaret style club, I like to define this one like a car accident..as you drive by, you cannot help but watch.
This club is by far the most taboo I have ever been too in my life. Although crazy, it was so much fun!! ..
I definitely left the club questioning what it was that I just saw. (Remember, there are no Pictures allowed)


Listen to my Europe Travel Playlist Here

A collection of songs that made my unforgettable moments that much sweeter. For The explorers, adventurers and dreamers. Those open to connection and the people around them. For those who truly crave an experience and live their lives in search for so much more..

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